1. Well done Moira, welcome to the sewing world and especially the quilting world. I am sure we can share lots of ideas along the way.
    My blog is but i have not had the time to update it since a couple of months ago, but you can still check it out. When we go on holiday soon, then I hope to have some time to "relax" and update it.
    Love Jaime's birdhouses.
    Stay tuned.

  2. Gorg quilts soooo lovely :) I will be popping in frequently to check out your lovely goods!
    Big Hugs xxx

  3. Hi there ! A friend gave me a magazine and one of your quilts was featured in it. In Love Patchwork and Quilting. The quilt is called Wiggle Room. I would like to make it for one of my daughters. But i have no luck in putting the curvy pieces together. Could you please give me more explanation onnhow to do it? Thanks Regards Dagmar