About Bamboo Batting


Is it warm?
As far as warmth go, bamboo is known as a "cool" fibre, more comparable to 100% cotton in usage, and provides a cool hand-feel. So it is really the opposite to wool - more suited to summer or transeasonal usage, and ideal for layering or people suffering from heat sensitivity.

Does bamboo batting shrink?
When it comes to shrinkage, ALL needle-punched waddings / battings (which covers just about every brand you can buy) have it, no matter what type of natural fibre (i.e. cotton, bamboo, wool, or any mixture from these).

Sew Easy Bamboo batting is your choice because:
It is ever so soft.... make a super soft security blanket for your little one this weekend!
Low loft with a beautiful drape like silk, even a beginner can create a masterpiece easily.
Luxurious without the price tag - your saving goes toward more fabric (YAY)!
Non allergenic - perfect for those with allergies and other special needs.
Anti-bacterial & Anti-fugal  -  so your quilt stays fresh all the time even in humid conditions.
Machine Washable when quilted - caring for your handmade treasure has never been easier!
No bearding or shedding like some other battings - so your quilt stays neat and free from loose fibres.
No resins, spray, glues or bonding - nothing but the pure natural fibre and the fine scrim that binds it.
No chemicals or bleaching - you wouldn't like your kids to wear these, so why would you want them to sleep under it?
Made especially for Quilters under stringent standards - you know that you're getting the real deal.

Why buy bamboo?
Because you want to be responsible for the carbon footprint of your hobby.
Organic bamboo is the eco-friendly fibre as it grows and re-grows without the need for supplemental irrigation or insecticides.
As the fastest growing plant on earth with the ability to absorb 2/3 more carbon dioxide and release 2/3 more oxygen than any other plant, bamboo is one of the best plants for positive environmental impact.
The fibre is 100% sustainable and all naturally grown, bamboo is processed into luxurious fiber using pollution-free methods with little waste. Bamboo also has natural anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties, making it ideal bedding for your precious little ones!

Did You Know...?
Bamboo batting holds 3 times more moisture than cotton, dries 3 times faster and will not allow mould or mildew to grow!! 

Care Instructions
To ensure your batting lasts as long as your quilt, please take the best of care when washing.
The batting is machine washable. While recommended to wash with a suitable pH-neutral, low phosphate fabric wash, I have found that wool mix does a pretty good job, too.
Front loader is best, because it is a gentler machine. Put your quit inside a doona cover if you want to make sure the stitches don't catch.

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